SharePoint Consulting – Use Business Intelligence Features to Make Calculated Decisions

Importance of decision making based on numbers

Making decisions based on intuition and experience may bring enterprises’ revenues down. Decisions based on numbers yield better results and ensure predictive business outcomes, drive revenues and help in business continuity planning. An enterprise which relies on decisions based on information outperform and produce better results. While decisions based on available numbers and information are crucial, today an enterprise’s business intelligence system should be in a position to provide real-time and accurate information.

Today organisations have realized the need of information, yet they follow obsolete practices of exchanging and processing information. This leads to a lot of man-hours wastage and adversely affects workforce productivity.

Where does data resides?

Everyday thousands of data are generated and stored in excel sheets, which are shared by information workers and managers. These data are shared among management teams and further processed for decision making. This process of exchanging and processing the data to form meaning full reports take a lot of time and effort. Due to this, decision making processes get delayed and might have an adverse impact on an organisation’s strategic plans.

Besides, data resides on isolated systems which are located in dispersed locations and assessing these data from geographically dispersed locations becomes a tedious task. Information also lies in silos and retrieving them becomes a tedious task.

Business Intelligence – the need of the hour

Today organisations are adopting ways and means to fortify their business intelligence capabilities by having a full fledged business intelligence(BI) system in place. Business intelligence system helps organisation make informed and calculated decisions based on actionable data. BI finds its place across the industries especially those where data play a vital role. Concepts like real time BI, mobile BI and self service BI resonate across organisations to facilitate better decision making and to provide critical metrics to monitor business functions.SharePoint consulting can help organisations build a centralized platform where information workers can retrieve information from a single source. SharePoint BI features can also provide rich data visualization, drill down reports and KPI’s for better decision making.

How SharePoint Consulting Helps – SharePoint Business Intelligence & Reporting

SharePoint consulting can help organisations build a centralized platform based on SharePoint framework and help information workers with access to information and retrieve thousands of excel sheets directly from a single Sign-in. This eliminates the need of exchanging emails and regular follow ups for required reports. SharePoint Performance-view services can help organisations build rich business intelligence dashboards to make informed decisions. SharePoint’s fast excel services can perform thousands of analysis instantly and can give actionable reports based on information available in the system. Enterprises can benefit from using SharePoint BI services and stay ahead of the race by making quick decisions based on real time data.

SharePoint Consulting for Healthcare – Reduce Paperwork and Increase Patients’ Visits

Documentation and Paperwork in Health Care

There is a mountain of paperwork that goes into documentation in a healthcare organization. While documentation is an integral part of any healthcare organization, being heavily reliant on paper for documentation results in redundant record keeping, inaccuracy, inefficiency, delays in treatment processes etc. Consequently healthcare organization witness decreased patients’ visits, erratic healthcare, and increased patients’ waiting time. Many health care providers still rely on manual paper work which consumes time, affects productivity and efficiency, which finally erode the quality of care. What’s more, it incurs sundry costs that impact your cost sheet.

Consequences of increased reliance on paperwork

- Increased patient waiting time that affects business and quality care
- Redundant record keeping that makes the system inefficient
- Possible errors in the event of lost reports, documents and prescriptions
- Increased need for physical space where physical files, records, case progress etc. are kept.
- Retrieval of files, records etc. becomes difficult and time consuming

Why documentation is Important?

When it comes to a patient’s treatment related processes, documentation helps in keeping track of a patient’s treatment progress and vital information about the patient. When it comes to billing, documentation helps healthcare service providers reimburse the service offered to the patient. The scope of the documentation also extends to foster collaboration among the nurses, doctors, lab personnel and other specialists who are involved in a patient’s treatment progress a patients’ discharge event. Without the proper documentation system in place capturing visits, treatments or surgeries, lab tests, discharge summary etc. the quality is bound to deteriorate. Documentation also facilitates standards of care, induces ethics and improves quality

Areas of documentation and redundant paperwork

• Maintaining a record that contains what was done, by whom, to whom, where why and with what results
• To keep track of case progress and his medical history
• Taking feedback from Patients in response to the treatment received for future prescription
• To collaborate with members of the team who are involved in different stages of treatment
• Act as a proof for regulatory, institutional, legal guidance and standards that a patient received best class treatment
• To facilitate quality assurance review
• To serve as a basis for capturing metrics, trends and improvements
• Malpractice protection by providing documentary evident that a patient received appropriate attention, care, treatment etc.

How SharePoint Consulting helps?

SharePoint works as an amazing platform for Healthcare organizations to alleviate pains of paperwork by rendering proper document management system, a collaborative platform and a tool to monitor, assess and improve your key metrics for survival, growth and improving quality of a healthcare organization. With thousands of SharePoint consultants available in the market, it is advisable to seek ones who have experience in consulting for healthcare. You can deploy SharePoint 2010 on-premises or in the cloud with SharePoint Online and Office 365, you have the flexibility to scale up and out quickly as your Healthcare needs change.

SharePoint features for Health care

SharePoint Document management features help retrieve any document pertaining to patients, staff, doctors, prescriptions, etc. regardless of where it is stored, with the use of a unique identification number for a document. You can also use it while you are offline and at odd hours without any processes pending on the account of your absence. SharePoint also facilitates transparent, intuitive record management to get easy access to any files, records or documents pertaining to a patients’ progress or a treatment. It also helps healthcare organization adhere to corporate policy and regulatory methods by maintaining a central repository to store documents and information.

SharePoint allows multiple users to work on a single document with restricted or controlled access on contents. For instance, nurses, doctors, lab personnel and other specialists who are involved in a patient’s discharge progress can work on a single document with restricted and controlled access without having to wait for their turn or keep redundant documents and combine them later. Thus we see, with multiple accesses to a document organization can save time, material and improve employee’s productivity. It also facilitates a great search experience to get insights on people who have expertise in different sections by providing relevant content and context at the right time.

A Franchise Consulting Firm Specialized Niche Strategy

It’s often been said, by me too in fact, that if the franchising industry had what it needed; reduced regulations, access to loans and capital for franchise buyers, and a reduction in the legal costs that we’d easily be able to increase the number of jobs in this country by 5-10 million in short order. Not long ago, I was discussing this with someone who noted that what franchisors are hiring for now is marketing and sales people. Well, that’s a good economic sign isn’t it, or is it? Let’s expand this discussion shall we?

It could be a good sign, but if franchises are not selling, why not? Why do franchisors need help finding buyers at a time when unemployment is quite high? Well, fewer people are qualifying for the loans, and many are afraid to start a small business in the age of ObamaCare. My acquaintance has consulting experience and wondered about setting up a company to help franchisors with their needs.

Well, he might even wish to set up a consulting group to help master franchises in his region there find and recruit franchise buyers, and the franchisors and master franchises would pay for that service. Interestingly enough, there are opportunities for franchise consulting teams to contract with franchisors for such things and a consulting company might provide those services for 25 major franchising corporations, or up-and-coming franchisor innovative concepts in a region. This would be a fun consulting business model because you get to improvise and adapt and learn to refine your strategies and regional variation battle plans.

Where would a consulting and recruiting firm assisting franchisors find people for franchisors, potential buyers of master franchise licenses or find, specifically where do you find master franchises at that level? The same way head-hunters do, and executive search firms use also sorts of strategies online to do this, from Linked-In to higher profile job boards where they might be perusing, also WSJ digital help wanted ads for instance.

Now then, I am really surprised someone has not used a Big Data scheme to get this done, filtering for such things as; Laid Off, CIO, CEO, COO, CFO, marketing director, vice president, board of directors, semi-retired, and a host of major industries. You’d be able to literally pull the top greatest potential right out of that data. Would you like to discuss designing such an Algorithm for that and the types of filters to be used? I am really surprised that Francorp hasn’t already dialed this in.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s franchising conversation, my job is to make you think, your job is to go out in the world and do something. Please consider all this and think on it.

Using Salesforce Consulting to Build Customer Loyalty

For businesses that are operating for profit, it is extremely important to keep customers happy. This is because their profits entirely depend on the number of purchases made by these customers. This means that the customers need to be attracted to the business’s products through various techniques. These are also used for building customer loyalty, which is an important part of any business’s success. Customer loyalty means that a buyer will continue to buy your product even if you raise the prices or make some changes. This is because these customers will trust your brand over others. For any business, it is extremely important to have some loyal customers. This is because these customers will not only be loyal in case of losses but will also stick to the business when new competitors enter the market.

While there are several techniques to please your customers, the best way is to improve your direct relationship with them. Obviously, direct communication is more effective than indirect techniques. However, this is where several businesses tend to fail. Even if they have the best management strategies, they may not know how to deal with customers effectively. This is where salesforce consulting can help you. This means that you will be consulting experts in order to manage your sales force. This will make these individuals more efficient in dealing with customers. Here are some ways salesforce consulting may help you.

Customer service – Salesforce consulting includes customer service training. This means that your employees will be trained and will be taught how to converse with customers. This will not only improve the contact with customers but will also make sure that you know how to deal with unhappy customers. The customer service representatives will also be taught how to deal with the customers when they do not know how to address a certain query.

Direct meetings – Some small businesses often hold direct meetings with selected customers in order to get feedback. Salesforce consulting can help you in determining if this will be a useful idea for your business. If it will, the experts will help you in doing it in the best way possible.

Market research – Salesforce consulting also deals with customer surveys. For example, every business needs to conduct market surveys in order to determine what the customers want from it. Consulting the experts will tell you how to do this in the best way possible. Therefore, you will have the best market research strategies and will be able to satisfy your customers.